Best Renowned Typing Speed Test Sites To Check Your Typing Speed Online

For speed typing, one has to go through many speed tests in typing. This is because in every job platform or work basis, speed in typing is necessary. As a matter of fact, when you go for any interview for job, you have to face a typing test. Some of them are not illegible for […]

Best Alternatives to Mp3 File Format with Better Sound Quality

You might have heard that news that Mp3 is not the more futuristic format for music. And looking for the better options to Mp3 but one thing I have to tell you that Mp3 is not dead at all. Besides that news, if you’re still looking for a better mp3 alternative then you are not […]

Top 10 Best GBA Games You Never Played 2018

Game Boy Advance common known as GBA Games is a 32-Bit handheld video game console. It is develop by Nintendo which was perhaps release in Japan, back in the year, 2001. Back in times GBA has successfully sold more than 81 millions of its unit in the world. Later on with the Sony PSP gasp […]

How To Download And Use Lenovo SHAREit On PC For Free

We have heard it many times, that SHAREit is one of the best file transferring application tools available for Smartphone. But here we are talking about the Lenovo SHAREit for PC. If you have no idea how to get the file and install in your PC, then you are in the right place at the […]

How To Change Clash of Clans Gmail Account ID?

Clash of Clans or COC, in short, is one of the most addictive real-time multiplayer games today. In order to play this game, you will need to open an account using an email ID. Logging in to your COC account needs the same email ID you provide during account creation. This means, without using your […]

Best 5 Currency Converter Apps For Android

Currency converter Apps are not among the common mobile apps used by typical people. From a typical user perspective, there are times we need to look at the currency rates or we need to compare one currency to another. As the task is not anything we often need to get done, we simply rely on […]

How To Connect a RDP Server From Windows and Mac?

Today we will be discussing with you How To Connect a RDP Server From Windows and Mac. Remote desktop protocol which is shortly termed as RDP, it is basically a secure network communications protocol, especially designed for the purpose of remote management. It provides remote access into the virtual desktops or applications along with the […]

How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error (Nginx/Cloudflare/WordPress)

Almost everyone uses internet these days, and with the increase in number of internet users, new browser apps are being introduced too. While there are hundreds of web browsers available over the internet, and each have their own unique feature like Google Chrome is well-known web browser for speed, Mozilla Firefox is known for security, […]

How To Set Up & Use Miracast on Windows 10 (Easy Tutorial)

Do you wish to cast your computer screen wirelessly with a TV or by using a Projector? If it is then there is good news for you, as you can make it happen with Miracast technology. Say good bye to the old method that were using cables for the purpose of transmitting media. Miracast allow […]

Top 10 Music Streaming Sites To Listen Music Online 2018

Online music streaming was not so┬ámuch popular years earlier. Especially in the places where internet speeds has been an issue. Overt the time, as technology gotten advanced and cost of the internet become cheaper, online streams ended up as a new trend. Today, we rely on online streaming for various entertainment purposes such as watching […]